Adelante Awards celebrate Hispanic success

By Joe Thornton, reporter

SAGINAW – The Dow Event Center was abundant with life and laughter Dec. 2 as the eighth annual Adelante Awards took place. The award ceremony is presented by La Unión Cívica Mexicana, which is a group that has been based in Saginaw since 1945 with the goal of spreading Hispanic pride.

The award ceremony was hosted by Larry Rodarte who is the creator of the Adelante Awards and is the publisher of “Mi Gente” magazine. Rodarte initiated the Adelante Awards in 2010 in hopes of recognizing achievement within Saginaw’s Hispanic community.

“As publisher of ‘Mi Gente’ magazine, I was constantly attending award shows in Miami and California to honor people of Hispanic descent. Those events made me realize all of the Hispanic people that are doing great things in Saginaw and contributing immensely to the community, so I decided to create the Adelante Awards to recognize those people for their achievements,” says Rodarte.

When the concept of the Adelante Awards began to take shape, many people expressed their disbelief that the ceremony would ever succeed. Rodarte continues to prove the doubters wrong as the ceremony hosted its fourth consecutive sold-out ceremony this year.

Rodarte hopes that this award ceremony is able to display the contribution that Hispanics have provided to the community and inspire the youth to achieve success.

“I remember one year talking to a child after the ceremony and he said, ‘I didn’t know that Hispanics did so much,’ and that really hit me. Our goal is to provide people with positive imagery and show the greatness that our culture is capable of,” says Rodarte.

The Adelante Awards this year continued the tradition of crowning the queen of the Unión, an honor so great that past queens dating as far back as 1947 attended the ceremony this year. Delta College student Maia Rose Wiederhold was named the Reina for the 2017-2018 term, a title that brings great prestige within Saginaw and the Hispanic community.

Wiederhold is honored to take part in this of the tradition of becoming queen and looks forward to the opportunity to represent the organization.

“Each year there is one young woman that is chosen as queen and expected to uphold the Unión’s name in a positive light. To be selected as the Reina is a great privilege, and I will make sure to be a role model for the youth in our community,” says Wiederhold.

For anyone looking to learn more about the Civica or the Adelante Awards, contact La Unión Cívica Mexicana at [email protected]

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