America’s toughest warriors have come (to try) to save the day

By Kevin Lazzaro, videographer.

The game “Earth Wars” was a disappointment to me, to put it lightly. Everything from the gameplay style down to the art style of the game was dull.

The premise of the game is almost like the movie “Pacific Rim,” but instead of giant robot armor, it’s just a weird, skin-infused bio-armor that the game says is more powerful than enemy weapons, but can’t withstand two hits from higher-level enemies. Also, instead of giant aliens, there are just lacklusterly drawn, human-sized enemies.

The gameplay consisted of almost entirely button-mashing. You could just go through the entire game slapping the “Y” button and walking toward the waypoint. I would try to change it up sometimes by jumping around and pushing random buttons. There are no creative button combos to help escape the monotony.

The animation style reminded me of “Paper Mario,” but if it didn’t try to be good and was also an anime. The background consisted of about four or five slightly offset layers of the same terrible drawing. The game was also a side-scroller, which I didn’t really mind, in all honesty.

I found myself playing on the same maps for over an hour at a time, though. It became tedious and boring after the first couple of missions because of this. Also, every half hour, you are forced to do a mission that you may or may not be prepared for. If you are not prepared, you may as well start the game over entirely. So much for all those hours that you spent grinding the same map.

The preview pictures of the gameplay were very deceiving as well. I thought that I would be accompanied by three allies along the way, or, maybe, be able to switch between them. In actuality, there are just three gray-faced people creeping behind you the entire game, until an enemy pops up – they will conveniently disappear – when you are done fighting, they pop back up, ready to continue to do nothing but obstruct the view of the screen.

It felt like I was playing a poorly made phone game. I would not recommend this game to anybody that wants to have fun. It is not worth the 5 dollars that the Nintendo eShop is charging for it.

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