Brian Pruitt motivates Men of Delta

By Jessica Sierocki, co-editor-in-chief

UNIVERSITY CENTER – Motivational speaker Brian Pruitt made an appearance on Delta’s campus as the final speaker of the semester for Men of Delta’s Motivational Mondays on Nov. 13. Pruitt brought his empowering energy and enlightening stories to attendees to show them that they can overcome any obstacles in their way.

Pruitt is a Saginaw native and graduated from Arthur Hill High School. He has been a traveling motivational speaker for the past 20 years and tries to instill valuable life lessons in everyone to whom he speaks.

“The truth is, the most important things I can share with you are the things that when you can walk out of the door, you can actually apply to your life,” says Pruitt.

After sharing a story about three people facing Mount Kilimanjaro – one person rejoicing on the ground, one who stopped halfway up and the other who climbed to the top – Pruitt compared these climbers to the students in attendance.

“You are all facing your own mountain, and it’s the mountain of education. It’s not enough to show up and say one day you want to go to college. It’s not enough to talk about it and have people applaud you. It still won’t be enough to get here, and once it gets tough, stop in the middle of climbing this mountain of education. Once you start, you’ve got to finish,” says Pruitt.

Pruitt continued with encouraging students to learn how to overcome the obstacles they face in order to get where they want to be.

“Some of you come from some tough situations, and sometimes it’s more than just intelligence that stops you from making it through this terrain called college. It could be where you come from or where you go back to once you leave this place or even how you think about yourself. But, you can overcome all of that when you adopt the right attitude,” says Pruitt.

Carlos McMath, Student Leadership and Diversity coordinator, is currently in charge of the Men of Delta club. Thirty-four Delta students are actively involved in the mentor program whose goal is to provide students with whatever help is necessary to succeed.

“Mu Omega Delta is a group of young men on campus, and we focus on making sure that each one of us – our brotherhood – thrives onto the next semester. There are more situations that limit us as students that have nothing to do with academics. Sometimes it’s your lifestyle or you’re around people who keep bringing you down. We just want to be a group of peers that can bring everyone up,” says McMath.

The idea of Motivational Mondays came from the club’s mentors who wanted to bring in examples of successful men to share their journeys with Delta students.

“We want to give them a strong message coming from someone besides ourselves,” says McMath.

While this may be the last speaker of the semester, the mentors for Men of Delta are continuing their support system during the rest of the semester. For more information on the club or questions on how to join Men of Delta, contact Carlos McMath via [email protected]

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