Can you name that tune?

By Michaela Garcia, newswriting student

Do you know your music trivia? Like listening to vinyl? Enjoy cold beer and homemade chips? Governor’s Quarters Taproom, located at 1304 S. Wenona St. in Bay City, is the place for you this Thursday.

The monthly “Can You Name That Tune?” draws teams of up to six that pay $1 each to play for a chance to win cash prizes. The Jan. 25 contest drew about 100 people, which organizers say is the largest turnout so far. The music trivia was presented by Lightning Licks Vinyl Preservation Society and was hosted by Jess McQuarter, co-owner of Electric Kitsch record store in Bay City.

“Our intention on hosting trivia every month is to bring the community together in a way that is enjoyable for everyone included,” says McQuarter. “I love being around people with music knowledge, and playing it on vinyl just gives it that extra something that you don’t see very often these days.”

Trivia consisted of five rounds that were all different kinds of genres: “Heaven or Hell,” “Jazz,” “Movie Themes,” “‘80s Ladies” and “Under the Covers.” Within each round, five songs were played, and teams earned one point for listing the artist and another for naming the song, for a total of up to 10 points per round.

Participants enjoyed the musical memories as much as the competition.

“Though we didn’t win, I had such a great time” said Laurie Wiechec, a trivia contestant. “I haven’t heard some of these songs since the ‘80s, so it was super nostalgic.”

Every month, teams that come in second and third place overall get to pick one of the themes for the upcoming month. Last month “‘80s Ladies” and “Movies” were special categories; the Feb. 22 special theme is “Disco.”

The 100 people at the January event was the biggest turnout they have ever had, according to McQuarter. Besides more than two dozen beers on tap, the bar, which opened in 2014, also serves a variety of appetizers, sandwiches and entrees.

February’s “Can You Name That Tune?” will be hosted on Feb. 22 at Governor’s Quarters. Registration will again start at 6:30 p.m. and trivia will start at 7 p.m.

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