Collegiate Reviews It: Fusion 1 Cafe

Upon entering the Fusion 1 Cafe, members of the Delta Collegiate complained of hunger. We were excited for the journey ahead: all you can eat sushi.

The bad:

The Collegiate members agreed that the wait was a bit longer than welcome. There seems to be only one sushi chef on site, so during busy periods, the wait for sushi can be a bit much. Especially when you factor in the fasting that happens in anticipation for all you can eat sushi– many Collegiate members came prepared hungrier than ever. It’s all you can eat, so you’re encouraged to order more rolls as you go, but when it takes almost an hour to get your rolls–who has time for that?

The price seemed a bit extensive. Though sushi in general can be an expensive dish, paying over $17 per person is a pretty expensive evening, especially in Bay City. Maybe lower the price and make the appetizer optional for an additional cost? Just a business suggestion.

The selection was a bit bland. When compared to other tri-city venues like Hello Sushi and Maru, the selection was similar and even a bit blander than some. Though the rolls were enjoyable, we wished to experiment more and eat california rolls less.

The hours are strange. This is certainly not a restaurant you can just stop by when you’re craving some sushi. This is only open for dine-in on select days, so some planning ahead is key to getting a table.


The good:

The sushi! Almost everyone, besides the worlds biggest Maru fan, loved the sushi. We all promised to go outside our comfort zones, trying an eel selection and more than our normal share of wasabi.



We all agreed that Fusion 1 Cafe is one of the better choices for sushi in the tri-city area. There were some things that caused red flags. The Collegiate agreed that it is a hard place to just stop by when you’re craving some sushi, and it’s not the most couple friendly place with the price. That being said, it was a family friendly atmosphere with friendly service and exquisite food. If you’re looking for a good sushi place in the Bay area, stop by Fusion 1 Cafe.

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