Collegiate staffers win 22 awards

From Staff Reports.

The Delta Collegiate took home 22 awards at the annual Michigan Community College Press Association luncheon and conference at Central Michigan University on April 8.

The MCCPA is an association of community college newspapers throughout Michigan, and entries for this year’s contest came from nine papers throughout the Lower Peninsula.

“Excellent journalism matters today more than ever, and Delta College is a great place for students to learn to ‘do journalism.’ In a time of fake news and alternative facts, the hard-working reporters, editors, photographers, videographers and designers at the Collegiate bring readers the truth across platforms,” says Crystal McMorris, English professor and adviser for the Collegiate.

McMorris added that the college administration fully supports the independence of the student-run media, even when handling sensitive topics or serious issues.

Students interested in joining the staff of the Collegiate are recommended to register for ENG 116, News Writing, which meets during the fall semester on Mondays from noon to 2 p.m., or contact Crystal McMorris at [email protected]

This year’s Delta Collegiate winners include:

The Delta Collegiate Staff

– General Excellence, 1st place.

– Online Newspaper, 1st place.

Judge comments: “Readers immediately notice the strong design and easy-to-navigate home page. The crisp mobile version benefits from strong organization.”

– Overall Newspaper Design, 2nd place.

Judge comments: “Page one’s design is eye-catching, engaging. Good use of photos. ‘Fountain Talk’ a clever tie-in to the college symbol, engaging student opinions.”

Josie Norris and MaCayla Jablonski

– News Story, 1st place. ‘I BELIEVE HER’ Post-it notes cover Delta’s main campus

Judge comments: “This story got extra points for beating professional media to the story, a full day ahead of Mlive and other news outlets. It should be a point of pride the campus newspaper understood the impact of the notes and made sure students were aware as soon as possible.”

Josie Norris

– Feature Story, 1st place. Pasong’s plates family tradition and history in the heart of Old Town Saginaw

Judge comments: “The author’s sense of place, attention to detail, and effort to characterize the piece’s personalities are professional-level work that would be just as well-received in publications where readers subscribe for editions.”

– Critical Review, honorable mention. Pick your own ending at “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”

Judge comments: “I really like the balance you strike in your review, between the highlights and the shortcomings of a community production.”

– Infographic or Illustration, honorable mention. Between the Sheets – A majora misconception.

Judge comments: “A very nice illustration – looks legit enough to be included in a textbook.”

– Feature Photo, 2nd place. DC.16.Norris


Judge comments: “A good example of selective focus, interesting moment that would draw readers attention.”

– Sports Feature Photo, 1st place. Delta Men’s Basketball Jan. 11


Judge comments: “Clear faces and a nice sobering photo after a loss.”

Phoebe Fries

– In-depth Reporting, 3rd place. Perspective shifts on feminine hygiene products

Greg Horner

– In-depth Reporting, 1st place. Road to recovery – Heroin hitting hard in Bay County

Judge comments: “Well-written, well-sourced piece on a timely topic. The article cuts deep into the subject with a compelling narrative. The reporter has a good understanding of the subject and the community; he writes with empathy and clarity.”

– First Amendment Reporting, 2nd place. The never-ending story: Kim Higgs v. Delta College Board of Trustees.

Judge comments: “A complicated story greatly enhanced by the takeouts and subheads… Mr. Horner was careful to keep his thoroughly reported story extremely well-balanced.”

– Humor Column, 2nd place. Informers’ Corner – Marching off the cliff: GOP will support Trump no matter what

Judge comments: “A righteous rant with an inspired, delightfully wry conclusion.

Aubrie Smith

– Humor Column, honorable mention. Between the Sheets ­­– Hookup Horror Stories

Judge comments: “This writing flows well – it’s conversational and candid, giving the reader an intriguing peek into an episode of the columnist’s life featuring a humorous surprise after a potentially sizzling date that fizzles.”

Cam Kerkau

– Critical Review, honorable mention. ‘Rogue One:’ Mission Failure

Judge comments: “You make a great argument for your opinion of the film, avoiding a mere recital of the film.”

Ethan Moore

– Sports Feature, 2nd place. Kim Klein: Surviving Olympic heartbreak.

Judge comments: “Story of a political science instructor with a fantastic sports history, it effectively reminds the target audience that its college professors weren’t always college professors.”

J. Maxim Schofield

– Video Production, 3rd place.  Behind the Scenes of “Natasha”

Judge comments: “A strong ‘film talk’ package interviewing those involved in the making of the short film, ‘Natasha.’”

– Turkey Award, 2nd place. Fountain Talk

Judge comments: “Wow, these are incredible answers to that leftover question from last week?”

Danielle Will

– Video Production, 2nd place. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March

Judge comments: “Strong package here showing the march of citizens from several angles and highlights of speeches in Saginaw.”

Jessica Sierocki

– Multimedia Reporting, 1st place. Community celebrates Snowfest

Judge comments: “This is the perfect example of combining the written word, photos and video to tell a community-driven story.”

Kyle Story

– Original Entertainment Cartoon, 1st place.

Judge comments: “I absolutely love this script. Not only is it drawn extremely well, the idea is so clever.”

– Original Entertainment Cartoon, 3rd place.


Judge comments: “Nice to see a shift in style!’

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