Collegiate tries it: Aubrie gives up Netflix for a week

By Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief.

Day one:

When I was told that I was giving up Netflix for a week, I got defensive really fast. I had multiple reasons why that just wouldn’t be possible for me: I work 70 hours a week, that’s my way of relaxing; I live with my boyfriend who watches a lot of TV, I can’t escape it; I’m right in the middle of a show, I can’t stop now!

If Shailene Woodley can live without a TV, then I can too.

The first day wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. I worked a 10-hour shift and then had some homework afterward. I decided to go to sleep early instead of watching two episodes of “Riverdale.” It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, which is kind of disappointing to be honest.


Day two:

My immediate anger toward this challenge clouded my memory. I woke up this morning, realizing that I’ve only had a TV for about a year. Before that, I didn’t even have Netflix or any form of TV-watching in my life. This week was going to be a breeze.


Day three:

Last night, I went to bed early again. This is starting to get really beneficial for my sleeping habits. Not to mention, my boyfriend now leaves the room to get his Netflix habits out of the way, so hello more alone time! What a good side effect.


Day four:

Today has been tough, I’m not going to lie. I have the entire day off. It’s been easy when work and school take up most of my day, but I only get one full day off a week, and Netflix is my go-to relaxation. It seems cruel to take that away from me for a work project. I mean, really, that means I’m working on my day off, does it not?

Somehow I’ve made it through. A lot of homework is done, the fridge is full and I spent some money that I shouldn’t have. I will admit, as much as I missed “Riverdale” today, it felt good to have some things out of the way. Spending the whole day in bed may be a bit overrated.


Day five:

Is today the last day? Or am I expected to go seven days? My Netflix withdrawal is starting to kick in. Is Hulu OK? I mean, they only said Netflix, they didn’t technically say all TV.

That being said, I actually had breakfast with a friend this morning! Usually, come Friday (if I actually have the day off), I have to turn down every event ever because all of my homework is due on Saturday. Spending more time being productive in the beginning of the week allowed me to relax in different ways at the end of the week.

However, I may have watched an episode of “The Good Doctor.”  But hey, that’s Hulu! Not technically breaking the rules, right? Either way, It’s just so good!

Overall, it’s a bit harder to unplug the TV than I’d originally thought, though it made me much more productive. Netflix is, and will probably remain, my primary source for relaxation. However, I realized that if I spend less time on Netflix in the beginning of the week, I feel more relaxed and less hectic at the end of the week. Netflix is good in moderation, I’ll just have to adjust my routine a bit.

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