Collegiate Tries It: Shooting a glock

By: Collegiate Staff

Duncan’s Outdoor Shop, a gun and rifle range located in Bay City, is tucked away behind an auction building on Salzburg Avenue.

With the gun reform movement continuing to take place, the Delta Collegiate members decided to put guns into their own hands and form educated opinions on the Second Amendment.

The Collegiate divided up into two rows, one to shoot a 9-millimeter Glock 17, the other shooting a 9-millimeter Glock 19.

The venue:

Duncan’s was hard to locate for our team.

Haley Nagel-

Tucked away behind an auction building on Salzburg Avenue, Duncan’s was a bit tricky to locate. After finding the destination and shooting for the first time, my overall experience was a positive one. Upon entering, despite the store being slightly packed with customers and dogs wandering about, I had no trouble getting assistance in a timely, professional manner.

Our instructor Ray was helpful and informative from assisting us with gun rental to teaching us the proper shooting technique. The six of us took turns shooting our targets two at a time with a 9-millimeter pistol. I have never shot a gun prior to this day and felt safe and confident practicing under Ray’s instruction. I personally have no interest in furthering my shooting technique, however I would recommend our instructor as well as Duncan’s for anyone who would like to.

Robynn –

I had never seen a gun in my life and never really had a desire to, but when I heard about the opportunity I decided to face my fears and give it a shot. When first arriving to Duncan’s it was slightly overwhelming trying to figure out how to get set up to get on the range, though our instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. Walking into the range and hearing gunshots for the first time was alarming, but seeing how serious and careful the other shooters were eased my nerves. Once it was my turn to shoot, holding the gun was scary at first but once I shot the first bullet I felt much better. This experience completely changed my view on guns, and I definitely want to go back and try to improve my shooting.

Haley Gray –

At first shooting the Glock 17 was scary and nerve-wracking. I was having trouble loading the bullets and had this thought that I was going to break one while loading it, then my gun would explode in my hands while firing. Then I couldn’t remember how to hold the gun, yet the instructor was so helpful with making sure of gun safety, it made me feel more comfortable. The first five shots did not make me feel confident, then when I saw I really was hitting where I was aiming, my confidence boosted. I began to feel at ease with the gun and enjoy the experience, I felt comfortable with what I was doing and enjoyed the experience.

I come from a male-dominant family that never supported me shooting guns growing up because I’m female, so it felt really good to be able to, in a way, give them a middle finger to those beliefs. I liked the ease of the gun; it wasn’t hard to cock or to pull the trigger, yet it makes me do a double take on the safety of these guns. The Glock 17 is used by some police officers in Michigan, knowing now how easy it is to shoot this gun, it makes me question if it can be too easy for not just police officers but regular people to use this gun for harm.

Carter Houtman-

This wasn’t the first time I’ve ever shot a gun, but it is the first time in a while. When I was younger, I had a friend whose dad had guns, and their family hunted all the time so they let me shoot their guns at the range whenever we went. I thought that Duncan’s had a really nice facility, and the instructor was really great. The Glock that I got to shoot is definitely a good contender for a gun I would buy in the future when I turn 21 and get my CPL. I think everyone should go and at least shoot a gun once, just to have the experience and knowledge of why so many Americans own and shoot guns on a regular basis for recreation.

Kevin Lazzaro-

I admittedly shoot guns more frequently than the average person, but it was nice to get back out on the range. It’s been a few years and I was in need of some practice. The hardest part was actually finding the building. The address is on a road that it’s not even actually on – that threw me for a loop. When I got inside, though, it was pretty much what I expected: a bunch of guys wearing camo and talking about guns. I haven’t ever really shot a handgun before, so shooting the Glock 17 was definitely a new experience. It was lightweight and had very limited kick. I tried firing from several distances, and my accuracy wasn’t too shabby. All in all, it was a fun experience. ‘Twas lit.


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