Delta enhances Title IX policy

By Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded existing guidance on how schools and universities should approach allegations of sexual misconduct under the Title IX law in September of 2017. The federal law prohibits institutions that receive federal funding from discriminating based on gender.

DeVos has since then proposed changes on a school’s responsibility to respond to sexual assault allegations on school property. Delta College’s equity officer Loyce Brown has created responses to the recommended changes on behalf of Delta College on whether or not to change college policy.

Some policy changes include separating allegations into individual acts of misconduct, allowing individuals to respond to allegations before reaching a decision and increased training for staff involved in decisions for allegations.

Brown recommends that Delta keep certain policies instead of adapting to DeVos’s specific proposals. Some examples include: keeping our current policy that complaints will be resolved within 60 days, providing written notice of outcomes to both parties and notifying parents if the student is under 18 years of age.

According to Brown, Jean Goodnow, president of Delta College, has approved her recommendations to the Title IX changes.

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