Delta Pioneers defeat Lansing remain undefeated

By Joe Thornton, reporter

The Delta Pioneers men’s basketball team came prepared for their game against the Lansing Stars from Lansing Community College on Dec. 1. Delta came out with energy and aggression storming out to a 10-0 lead. Momentum continued to build and then the cathartic moment arrived; Jalen Fykes slammed down a monster alley-oop that left the Stars stunned and forced Coach Mark Ingram to take a timeout to recover.

With the Pioneers’ stamina and athleticism on full display, they were able to outpace LCC and leap out to a 55-42 lead at halftime.

Throughout the second half the Pioneers made sure to keep their foot on the throttle as they steamed forward to a victory. Delta was able to finish in authoritative fashion with a final score of 110-78.

Video by Kevin Lazzaro

This win over Lansing Community College keeps Delta’s men’s basketball team undefeated with a record of 6-0.

The players performed as a team and made note of that with a tweet on the Delta men’s basketball Twitter account:

“Great win yesterday, true team effort, six players in double digits. E.P.I.C.”

E.P.I.C, standing for “Every Play Is Crucial,” is a motto that coach Carlos McMath has trained this team with, and it shows in their execution on the court.

After the victory over LCC, Coach McMath expressed his intent to put a win in the column against such a reputable team.

“This win means a lot for the team and for our program. It’s been some time since we’ve been able to beat LCC. Their team is coached by Mark Ingram who is a great coach and a guy that I respect a great deal. This performance justifies all our work this offseason and it’s great to see it all pay off,” says McMath.

McMath credits his players in their performance and having the leadership skills to execute the strategy that was implemented.

“In a game like this, I made sure to not overcoach. My players were playing a great game and there was no reason to get in their way. It showed us, as coaches, that this team is capable of putting our game plans into effect,” states McMath.

Men's Basketball 12-1-17

Photos by Tylla Hahn

While dwelling on a loss for too long is dangerous, McMath recognizes the same is true when it comes to a win.

“We tell our players that they have 24 hours to celebrate. At 9:33 p.m. tomorrow I expect all of my players to be preparing themselves mentally for the next game against Lake Michigan College. We can’t bask in the glory too long and lose the hunger. There is a long season ahead and we need to take it one game at a time,” says McMath.

With the Pioneers off to such a hot start, their season is certainly shaping up to be epic if they can continue to perform the way the did against Lansing Community College.

For anyone looking to learn more about the Delta College men’s basketball team their schedule is available online at under the “Men’s Basketball” section.


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