Drake Bell found a way to Saginaw

By Jack Rechsteiner, managing editor.

If you watched “The Amanda Show” or “Drake & Josh” on Nickelodeon – even just one time – then you know who Drake Bell is.

What you might not know, is that Bell has been changing his identity from “Drake Bell, that guy from Nickelodeon” to “Drake Bell, pop-rock star.” While defining himself as one of Nickelodeon’s favorite TV actors, Bell was also pursuing a passion for music. Bell wrote the iconic “Drake & Josh” theme song and released two albums under his own name. After “Drake & Josh” ended, it would be 8 years before Bell’s rockabilly concept album “Ready Steady Go!” came out in 2014.

Now Bell will be coming to Saginaw as part of his See It Stripped tour, where he will be performing stripped-down, acoustic versions of his recent songs. Bell is performing at Counter Culture on March 19 with supporting artists from his tour, Tryon and Joe Kirk from The Voice, as well as local artist Mark Duhaime of the band Forest Green.

“It’s exciting because it’s this chance to interact with a thing from your past as it exists now. It’s a spectacle of how these things we used to know, like Nickelodeon stars, change over time. It’s this event that’s equally nostalgic and modern,” says Benjamin Champagne, owner of Counter Culture.

Bell’s See It Stripped Tour is another national touring act that has recently come to Saginaw because of Counter Culture, such as Citizen, Sorority Noise or Joe Hertler. The tour will also stop in Lansing and Ferndale along the way, but Champagne is excited for the press in Saginaw.

“It’s most likely going to do well, so the agency that booked Drake Bell might send more shows this way, It will give Saginaw some attention and a media spotlight for the day,” says Champagne.

Tickets are on sale now for $15 and can be purchased online at counterculturearts.org/drakebell. For more information about this and other upcoming shows, you can find Counter Culture online at counterculturearts.org or on Facebook at @counterculturearts.

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