Eating with the Collegiate: Restaurants in City Market

We at the Delta Collegiate sampled some of the food offerings at the Bay City City Market and did a write-up on how we thought the food was as well as the quality of the service and other criteria of the restaurant.


RoRo’s mini-review by Jack Rechsteiner — ★★★★

RoRo’s featured a small but diverse and eclectic menu, with options like avocado egg rolls, flatbread sandwiches and homemade hummus with pita that were all reasonably priced. The restaurant was staffed by owner Michelle Perreault and the service was fast and friendly. She took my order and then busied herself making my meal from scratch in the kitchen which was up surprisingly quickly.

I got the kimchi and jackfruit slider with a side of pita and red curry hummus. The hummus was disappointing, it lacked flavor and was simply bland and bitter. The meal was saved however by the slider. I’m a big fan of jackfruit as a meat substitute, and it was exciting to see it served in Bay City because it’s only recently been becoming popular in the United States. The slider perfectly balanced the acidity of the kimchi with the savoriness of the jackfruit and tied it all together with a creamy, tzatziki-like dressing.

Overall, while the hummus was not what I had hoped, the rest of the food was superb and the service was prompt and friendly.


That Guy’s BBQ by Kellen MacGregor — ★★★★

The pulled chicken sandwich was good though the pretzel bun was a bit too greasy. Another downside was that the chicken didn’t taste as fresh as it could’ve. The crisp French fries were the best part of meal and I was impressed with the friendly, quick service.


Brewtopia mini-review by Kellen MacGregor — ★★★★★

Those familiar with Bay City coffeehouses are undoubtedly familiar with the Saginaw Street location where longtime coffee roasters Brewtopia once resided – nowadays, Bay City-based Populace occupies this iconic space. Luckily, even though Brewtopia is no longer found here, one can experience the same great service and coffee without all the goofy decor in City Market, alongside numerous local vendors from a Brooklyn Boyz satellite pizzeria to an Armenian bakery that sells baklava worth tasting.

I sat down and chatted with Lexi LaLonde, a Brewtopia barista who also studies at Delta College. LaLonde admitted that she misses the regulars she once had at the Saginaw Street space, but now looks forward to meeting new faces. Overall, LaLonde found the transition from Saginaw Street to City Market tough at first, though she now prefers the latter, commenting on the friendliness displayed by fellow vendors, which makes the entire location feel more like a co-op.

The drink I ordered, an iced latte with coconut milk and sugarless vanilla syrup, was delicious! Brewtopia will now be a go-to cafe; the superb service and delicious espresso-based drinks thoroughly impressed me.


City Market
401 Center Ave.
Bay City, Mich.

Sunday and Monday

Tuesday through Friday
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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