Excellency Music Festival lives up to it’s name

by Jack Rechsteiner, page editor.

Excellency Music Festival lives up to it’s name
BAY CITY — Excellency Music Festival turned two this year and it’s looking to put itself, along with the Tri-Cities, on the map.

Introduced in 2016, Excellency Music Festival is staying true to the “excellency” title in it’s sophomore year. The all ages, all day festival showed Excellency Music’s support for the Michigan scene. The event featured seven bands that call the Tri-Cities their home, while the rest of the 25 acts on the lineup hail from the mitten state as well.

Held in Bay City’s Prime Event Center on Saturday, February 11th, Excellency Music Festival started off with local band From The Ground Up taking the stage at noon. With two side-by-side main stages and various artists performing on a separate acoustic stage, bands played throughout the day on into the night.

“Whoever’s doing the sound for the show is fantastic. All of the music had sounded great and the transition from band to band has been seamless,” says festival attendee Dustin Cobb.

The music kept flowing between bands and people kept flowing through the doors to listen to them until the concert wrapped up at 11 p.m. The festival is one of the biggest productions that Excellency Music puts on every year and the turnout shows that the Tri-Cities has a lively and active community looking to support music in the area.

“We actually figured it out to be 563 individual people had tickets for the festival that day… It was definitely an improvement over the first year,” says Troy Weiler.

Troy Weiler is the enterprising founder of the Mid-Michigan concert production company that is now Excellency Music. Weiler, 23, studied marketing at Saginaw Valley State University and wanted to use what he learned there to help the music community in Mid-Michigan grow.

Since the beginning of the company in the fall of 2015, Weiler has focused on giving Tri-Cities bands a spotlight. This year, Excellency Music Festival showcased hometown favorites like Forest Green, The White Oranges and The 10X. Each local band was welcomed onstage by a warm reception from the crowd.

“That’s probably the best feeling for me. Just watching everyone have a good time… And all of the positivity we received during and after the show. Looking around at all of the people watching Forest Green at the end of the night. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than that,” says Weiler.

The night’s festivities went smoothly, and many people who attended the first Excellency Music Festival talked about how much it had grown. Weiler has plans to continue to grow and his biggest hope for the future of the festival is to have “a true, national headliner.” Some of the improvements that made this year more successful were major equipment upgrades to the acoustic stage, setting up a better area for musicians and their merchandise that was closer to the stage, and having the bands be more involved with the festival which made for a hands-on and cooperative experience.

“It’s great to be back. The festival improved a lot, this year has been 100 times better. Everyone has been so accommodating and friendly. It’s been a wonderful time,” says Jess Coleman, vocalist for the Grand Rapids band Amessa.

Fans and musicians travelled from all over Michigan to Bay City for Excellency Music Festival. Everyone Leaves is one of those bands that trekked across the state to play the show. They, along with a few other concert-goers, had never been in Mid-Michigan before and didn’t know what to expect. Aubree Roe, the bassist for Everyone Leaves, didn’t waste any words summing up how they all felt about Bay City and Excellency Music Festival.  

“Bay City? More like Bae City,” says Roe.

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