Excellency Music’s 100th show brings Drake Bell to Saginaw

Drake Bell ConcertPhotos by Jessica Sierocki

By: Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief

SAGINAW – The Counter Culture crowd packed tightly to the stage as the openers for Drake Bell performed. The nearly sold-out show brought fans from all over Michigan, buzzing in anticipation for the former “Drake & Josh” star to make his appearance.

“You see all of these people coming together for a show like this, and this is a huge person to come to Saginaw – it’s cool,” says Ken Mochrie, Excellency Music staff member.

Jodi Butler, Delta College student and Excellency Music staff member, expressed excitement for the concert. She also explained the bond the organization brings to the Tri-City music scene:

“It’s a family,” says Butler. “It brings a group of people [together] who love the same kind of music, or who want to see what’s local.”

Troy Weiler, owner of Excellency Music, agreed with Butler: “It brings the community together, which is really cool,” says Weiler.

Weiler also expressed his excitement of booking other potential high-profile artists.

“This one is turning out pretty well already, so I think bringing bigger bands to the area in the future is a possibility,” says Weiler.

Mark Duhaime, member of local band Forest Green, opened for Bell as a solo artist. Along with his nervousness, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity:

“It was really cool. It was an opportunity that you feel like you don’t deserve, so to be able to actually pursue it is a really awesome experience,” says Duhame.

A little after 9 p.m. Bell took the stage, singing new arrangements from his latest EP “Honest.” His guitar skills and vocals impressed the crowd, as people cheered with each held note.

His final song, “Found a Way,” had fans yelling each lyric with excitement as the Nickelodeon nostalgia kicked in.

“I loved [the event]. It was awesome,” says Jordan Mulligan, Delta student and concertgoer. Besides Drake Bell, Mulligan says she was impressed with the second opener, former contestant from The Voice: “Joe Kirk, the opener, was awesome!”

The one thing all attendees agreed on is that the event would not have been possible without Counter Culture and Excellency Music.

“Excellency 100 percent betters the Tri-City area because they bring music that brings the community together. The music scene is a bond that brings people together,” says Duhame.

For more information about upcoming Excellency Music events, visit Excellency Music’s Facebook page.

Video by Michael Pieper

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