Eye on Alumni: Emma Johnson speaks about trip to Israel, Palestine

By Michael Piwowarski, photojournalist.

MIDLAND – Emma Johnson, a former Delta College student who is now a reporter for the Midland Daily News and a freelance writer, went on a trip with a 31-person Interfaith Peace Builders delegation to Israel and Palestine last year to talk with peace activists.

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, she spoke about her activism at a presentation held at the Creative 360 in Midland and shared pictures she took as well as personal experiences. She stated her case that Israel is using violence, genocide and discrimination to force Palestinians out of their land, and that action must be taken.

“The [West Bank] wall doesn’t keep anyone safe,” Johnson said at the presentation, referring to the border wall separating Israeli territory from Palestinian territory. “Families shouldn’t be forced to leave their homes.”

Johnson was inspired to go on the trip with IFPB after writing two articles about the Israel-Palestine conflict for the Midland Daily News, having become more aware of the issue.

“I love writing, and I also love politics,” she said. “I also like learning new things, so with the Midland Daily News, I’ve been able to learn about things that I might not necessarily have sought out by myself.”

Being a passionate writer, Johnson also considers it important to use her writing skills for a cause, advocating for a social change. She has some words of advice for current college students who are also working toward a career in writing.

“Find something that you’re really passionate about, because then you’ll put in the hours to do it,” Johnson said. “Just write all the time and know that the first draft doesn’t have to be a finished product. Just keep doing it and give yourself self-imposed deadlines.”

More information about IFPB – including upcoming delegations to Israel and Palestine and other ways to get involved – can be found on their website at www.ifpb.org

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