Eye on Alumni: Ninth Ward Commissioner Cordal Morris gets sworn in

Video by Kevin Lazzaro


By Adam Przeslak, sports editor

Bay City native and Delta College alumnus Cordal Morris recently became the first African American commissioner elected in Bay City. He ran unopposed in the city’s Ninth Ward, which mainly consists of the area referred to as the Banks.

Before being elected to office, Morris has participated in charity events and volunteered with local charities including Toys for Tots, Kicking Cans for Cancer, Kickball for Cancers and various sports tournament fundraisers for children who go the Bay Area YMCA. Morris has also done some small work with the Sacred Heart Foundation.

Morris has been looking for a more direct way to get involved in his community than what he was already doing when he ran into an old friend he had not seen in awhile, Jesse Dockett. Dockett, a then-candidate for commissioner of the city’s First Ward, informed Morris that there was a position open for commissioner.

“[Dockett] asked me where I lived and he said that there’s no one running in the Ninth Ward. He asked if I’d be interested in running,” Morris said.

From there, Morris began attending more city meetings, talking to other ward commissioners and candidates running in other wards.

As the commissioner of the Ninth Ward, Morris’s responsibilities include serving his constituencies and serving as a middleperson between the citizens of his ward and the city. He will also be participating in meetings of ward commissioners and city officials that involve voting on a city budget and discussing upcoming projects, such as the Wenonah Park Pavilion.

Morris earned an Associate Degree in Marketing Management from Delta in December of 2015. He was part of a tuition reimbursement program through his former employer but when he left that job for another, he was forced to start paying out-of-pocket for his continued schooling. Morris has been attending classes at Delta on and off for the past few years, finishing up his three-plus-one program where, once he is done at Delta, he will transfer to Northwood University.

The Ninth Ward commissioner had high praises for his alma mater and loves that the community he lives in, works in and now represents has a great, affordable institution of education within it.

“I love that they offer quality education for a reasonable price. A lot of colleges can’t necessarily say that they have that,” Morris said.

“Every professor I’ve had has also been in the field that they teach in. At Delta they have actually worked in their field of study. I want more people to go to Delta because they are a top-tier community college,” Morris said.

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