Fantasy Football Watch: Sell high on Ezekiel Elliott

By Adam Przeslak, sports editor.

Dallas Cowboys’ second year running back, Ezekiel Elliott, was originally suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for six games in August because of ongoing domestic violence allegations. Soon after, suspension was taken to court when the player’s union got involved and the suspension became, well, suspended.

Elliott played the first five games of the regular season before the suspension would rear its head. Before the Cowboy’s sixth game, a U.S. court of appeals reinstated Elliott’s suspension. That didn’t last too long though, as the courtroom fiasco ensued and a temporary restraining order was placed allowing Elliot to once again suspend his suspension. Now league representatives are set to appear in front of a court on Oct. 30 to, once again, discuss Elliott’s suspended suspension. Suspenseful isn’t it?

Joking aside, this does allow Elliott to play at least one more game from now until his Oct. 30 court date. If Tom Brady’s deflategate suspension taught us anything it is that, no matter how famous or well liked of an athlete you are, nobody is safe from the wrath of Goodell’s suspensions. Even as a Tom Brady hater I knew that his four game suspension had almost absolutely zero backing to it and Zeke’s case actually has some credit to it, unlike Brady’s.

I can’t predict the future, but things don’t look good for Elliott, in my opinion. Following the Oct. 29 game against the Redskins, if he were to be slapped with the looming six game suspension, we wouldn’t get another glimpse at Zeke until Dec. 17. That gives him three more regular season games, which would be about the time of the fantasy football playoffs.

With the suspension conundrum not looking too sweet for Elliott and the Cowboys I’d recommend a quick trade by the end of the week. You want to sell high on Elliott. Get all you can for him before he offers you nothing but a goose egg and a wasted roster spot for six weeks.

I’d try and swap him for something your team is in desperate need of. For those of you who believe Elliott is the adhesive of your team, because he’s you’re only good player, if you’re willing to gamble a little bit, I’d attempt a blockbuster trade with another team in your league. Try trading him away for a couple solid flex position players or maybe a middle-of-the-road quarterback and a couple skill position players.

If you’re the ultimate gambler just sit back and watch, I suppose. It is possible Zeke could play every remaining game of the season, but with two postponed suspensions already, I don’t see a third one incoming and Goodell’s swift justice will probably soon be felt.

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