Fortnite fosters a new age of gaming

By: Joe Thornton, reporter

In the heat of battle, all that can be heard is the sound of footsteps. Your hands are shaking violently from the pressure, as you know you’re the last of your teammates, but you pull the trigger and see those cathartic words appear on the screen:

“#1 Victory Royale!”

It’s a feeling that’s indescribable, especially if it’s your first win.

What makes this game so special? What sets it apart from the plethora of other games, old and new, that a gamer could play?

For those who have no idea what Fortnite is, Epic Games captures its essence in summary:

One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins.”

Basically, you have to outgun every other person in the game, barring your teammates. You must do so through a combination of fast-paced combat, efficient building, and varying degrees of luck.

Fortnite has nostalgically returned the feeling of teamwork and cooperation that gamers remember from Call of Duty’s Zombies game mode or Borderlands’s shoot-and-loot style, but with some addicting differences. With humans being biologically drawn toward competition, Fortnite gives you plenty of people to beat with games featuring up to 100 players, just like you, all vying for the top spot. This differs from the aforementioned titles, which featured humans working together to compete against AI opponents. With flexible team sizes ranging between one to four players, communication between your team is essential if you want to win and is a bonding experience between any group of gamers. Pressure makes diamonds, and t

In addition to its competitive nature and team-building tendencies, the game is ushering in a new era of convenience for gamers. Fornite’s developers, Epic Games, are paving the way for cross-platform play by allowing this game to run not only on the traditional trio of PC, Xbox One and PS4, but also on mobile Android and iOS devices. In addition to the ease of access to play this game, its impressively popular game mode, Battle Royale, is entirely free. That means for the whopping cost of zero dollars, you can play this game, which is quickly becoming an enigma in both popular culture and video game culture..

Another driving factor that makes Fortnite so enticing is its simplicity. Although many videos of the game feature intricate and complex structures, the average player of the game doesn’t possess these skills. The utilization of building is essential for success in Fornite, but fortunately the building system is simplified to only four shapes for building: wall, roof, staircase, and pyramid.  This shows that Epic Games is taking a page from Mojang’s book, the developers of Minecraft, who were able to appeal to a vast audience with their simple game mechanics and simplifying structures to various cube shapes.

Regardless, it’s hard to say this game is unoriginal in any way. Epic Games is ushering in a new age of gaming by offering cross-platform play to an unprecedented degree, and making the game even more accessible with a zero-dollar price tag.This game personally restored my appreciation for the genre of shooters and holds a special place in my heart. For those who don’t see the appeal, pick up a controller and give it a try for yourself. Maybe you’ll find yourself hooked like so many others have already.

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