Golden Corral has room for improvement in its opening day

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

The Golden Corral that has been long awaited in Saginaw is finally open. After approval of the plans to open the restaurant on Apr. 5, 2017 the restaurant opened its doors on Jan. 3, 2018. As an avid buffet attendee and general food lover, I decided to visit the buffet on its inaugural day with high hopes and a full stomach.

I arrived at around 11 a.m. just in time for brunch. The restaurant was bustling with customers, as expected on opening day. I was served without having to wait in line as I entered, greeted kindly by the staff. As I looked around I saw people’s faces lit up with happiness as they assessed the different flavor possibilities, making me even more anxious and excited.

Although many people were present at the buffet, I credit the establishment as I didn’t feel crowded at any time. There was a great deal of floor space and optimal arrangement in which everyone appeared to be seated comfortably with plenty of room in between them, which makes my experience there even more confusing.

I was the recipient of lackluster customer experience as the staff struggled to adjust to their first day on the job. While at some buffets it is left up to the customer to refill their drinks, Golden Corral takes a different approach. When a drink is ordered, servers are expected to come around and refill them for you. While this could be seen as a benefit to some, my server took my Sprite away from me and was never seen again amid the chaos.

Setting their service aside, the food that was offered was plentiful and had great variety. Even for a buffet, there were multiple different options to be chosen from, especially considering it was brunch, so both lunch and breakfast options were provided. Although there were numerous options – and I tried as many as I could –  no flavors stuck out to me specifically or were something that was unique.

The one thing that does set this chain apart from other buffets in the region is their dessert. The restaurant has diverse dessert options offered the most pleasing texture I’ve gotten from an ice cream machine I’ve ever had. There was also a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows alongside it, and you can utilize this machine to your heart’s content.

Overall, I’d give Golden Corral the benefit of the doubt and assume they’ll get these problems solved, as it is only the first day of service from them. If I’m looking to have a flavorful experience, I’ll head somewhere else, but if I’m looking to engorge myself maybe you’ll find me here. Don’t expect to have anything too special, aside from the chocolate fountain. After all, it is a buffet and this chain definitely focuses on the aspect of quantity instead of quality.


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