How I survive the final stretch of the semester

By Jessica Sierocki, photo editor.

WARNING: I am not actively encouraging anyone to do any of these things, because they may only work for me. If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll end up like me, and I’m constantly a hungry and tired person.

Once spring break is over, the end of the semester seems to drag on forever. Upcoming essay deadlines, homework and cramming for final exams are all a part of the race to summer; it can get pretty overwhelming. Here are some things that I do to make the final weeks a little more bearable.

You can always find me at the Tutoring and Learning Center. It is the beacon of light in the library that has the answers to all my questions. Literally. Getting help with problematic areas in my classes before exams is one of my highest priorities. When I’m surrounded by the best tutors, I always find myself able to concentrate more on my work, which typically means I get everything done faster.

Netflix. Is. A. Must. I always make sure to give myself a break to take my mind off my never-ending workload. Why should I spend extra time revising an essay when I could be watching “Gossip Girl”? Seriously, I value Netflix more than I value sleep, considering I stay up almost every night until 1 a.m. solely to get through four episodes. Some people may say that’s a problem, but I say that’s the most dedicated I’ve ever been to anything in my life. Go me.

Studying gets really tiresome when my sheer will to learn dissipates as the weather gets warmer, so I come up with personal incentives to get work accomplished. I try to match the incentive with how much work I actually do. For example, if I need to finish an hour of homework, I tend to let myself get up for a snack or spend some extra time looking through my phone. Again, out of sight, out of mind. If I have a three-page essay to write, I tell myself that I can go outside or text a friend to hang out. Sometimes I come back and finish more work. Other times I take a nap. It’s all about balance.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT procrastinate! You and I both know how easy it is to put off all of your homework and studying until the last minute. We’ve all done it and will most likely continue to do it, but it’s such a bad idea! Because I’ve been sticking to my homework schedule in my planner like acrylic paint on my brand new jeans – Yes, this is true and yes, it will not come out – and you know what’s going to happen because I’m actively telling myself not to procrastinate? I’ll be sleeping in while you’re cramming coffee down your throat because you pulled an all-nighter studying for your exams. Again, go me.

Some sort of support system is always a plus. Annoyance and inconvenience toward classes always feel more feasible when shared with other people. Friends and family can also build you up when you think you’ve hit your lowest point. Sometimes all it takes is a few encouraging words to make you believe in yourself. It’s almost over. You can do it.

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