International Observe The Moon Night brings crowd to Planetarium

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

BAY CITY – In recognition of International Observe the Moon Night on Oct. 28, the Delta College Planetarium hosted a free event for the public to give the community a chance to organize this annual worldwide public event.

Unfortunately, on this Bay City night, the third time was not the charm during their third annual recognition of international night. The sky was relatively cloudy and conditions didn’t allow for optimal viewing of the moon, but that didn’t discourage astronomer and planetarium manager Mike Murray who still proceeded with the educational program.

“There are a lot of things that we here at the planetarium can control, but the weather isn’t one of them,” says Murray.

The Planetarium made multiple informational handouts available to all attendees including a high-definition image of what the moon looks like in the Bay City sky, moon observation logs and general facts about the moon. The presentation was done in the planetarium’s Dome360 theater and gave specific information on what phase the moon was in on the night of Oct. 28, as well as information on identifying lunar features and night sky wonders.

Murray believes events like this are a great opportunity to increase interest in astronomy as a science and that astronomy is a simple science that everyone can enjoy.

“Astronomy touches on everything. It helps us understand the earth and earth’s atmosphere. Also, anybody can do this. Astronomy gives us a chance to learn about something bigger than ourselves, something that is beautiful and teaches perspective,” says Murray.

For anyone interested in future showings at the planetarium, they offer shows and events all year long. Additional information can be obtained at the Planetarium’s website at

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