Local shops to look out for in downtown Bay City

By Michaela Garcia, Mass Media student

Shopping locally is very important. It keeps your city alive and shows your support to local business owners. If you are walking in downtown Bay City you will notice numerous local stores where you can shop.

Ferne Boutique

Ferne Boutique on Washington Avenue is the perfect place to go shopping with a group of girlfriends. The boutique’s style is mostly boho-chic and includes clothing items such as trendy dresses to cute, cozy sweaters. Sizes range from XXS to XXL, so this store is suitable for anyone.

Though the clothes can be a bit pricey ranging from $15 to $60, the material used in all of them is very durable, making your buy worthwhile. You can mix and match the different brands they have to offer. Ferne is the perfect place to shop for your girlfriend or family member this holiday season.

Albert’s General Store

Though Ferne Boutique is perfect for girls, Albert’s General Store is the perfect store for any guy. Albert’s theme shows a love for Michigan; its Mitten State items and fun knickknacks really pull a window shopper inside. This local store is perfect for men because it features items such as mustache wax and cologne.

Most of the clothing is very large in size, ranging from a men’s small to an extra-large. Everything is within a reasonable price of $30 or less. If you’re looking for a present for a special man in your life or even yourself this holiday season, Albert’s is the perfect place to go.

Electric Kitsch

The last local store covered this week is Electric Kitsch. Though this retro shop is more of a record store more than anything, it also includes some vintage clothing that you cannot find anywhere else. Every piece of clothing there is secondhand and super reasonably priced.

Items can be found for $15 or less. They are also featuring a mixture of ugly Christmas sweaters for the upcoming holiday season. All the holiday sweaters are super hip. If you’re looking for some retro clothing, make sure you stop in there, located on Washington Avenue next to the State Theatre.


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