Men’s basketball prepares for an epic season

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

The college basketball season is merely months away and the Pioneers men’s basketball team is excited for this season. When sitting down with basketball head coach Carlos McMath, he exhibited confidence and pride when talking about this 2017-2018 team.

Q: What have you found out about your team this offseason?

A: The biggest thing I’ve found out is that they’re willing to compete. They’re going to work hard no matter what. Another thing I’ve found out is that we all love offense, not everyone loves defense yet, but my philosophy is defense first, and right now we are trying to mesh the two.


Q: What have you done this offseason to recover from the loss of nine players last season?

A: A lot of bonding, a lot of individual workouts, a lot of communication, a lot of really talking about life. You build relationships with these guys, and when they leave you’ve invested so much, but you have to be ready to invest just as much into the next crop of guys coming up.


Q: How are you getting prepared for your opening game?

A: The first game is a testing ground, and we play three seasons: preseason, regular season and postseason. Right now it’s about positioning ourselves to be able to play our best basketball possible when it really matters, in February and March.


Q: What phrase would you use to define the culture of Delta College basketball?

A: E.P.I.C. Every play is crucial.


Q: How are you looking to improve upon your record from last season?

A: For away games we’re changing up things while traveling. We’re also focusing on nutrition, getting ready mentally and physically. At the end of the day, we have to take this one game at a time and grow as a team.


Q: What makes this team different from past teams?

A: By far a lot more aggressive which makes us able to play fast-paced basketball. We have more reaction and less analyzing and speed in transitions up and down the court.


Q: What is the X factor on this team?

A: This may sound bad, but ignorance. Our ability to ignore and not worry what has happened in the past. Many of the guys don’t dwell on the things they can’t change. The records from the past don’t matter, and we stay in the moment. We’re all in for this ‘17-’18 season, all in for this moment..


Q: What do you want Delta to know about this team?

A: They have a lot of pride and love being Pioneers. At the end of the day they want to put on a good show and have a nationally ranked team. It’ll be fun to watch and I know they’ll love to put on their evergreen and silver uniforms.

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Mens Basketball Season Preview

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