Men’s basketball team falls short in loss to Schoolcraft

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

The Delta men’s basketball team played against the Schoolcraft College Ocelots on Jan. 17 in a highly emotional competition. Redemption was in the air for the Pioneers after two consecutive losses within their conference.

After tip-off, Schoolcraft grabbed momentum early by shooting on all cylinders and making multiple three-pointers. The entire first half was fast-paced and played aggressively on both sides of the ball. At halftime the score was 43-46, with Delta trailing by three. It was evident that this was going to be a highly contested match-up early on.

As the game continued the mental and emotional toll was seen within the Pioneers. With tensions rising among the Pioneer’s players, they failed to rally in the end and lost with a score of 81-84.

Head coach Carlos McMath credits the loss to a lack of composure throughout the team and hopes to solve the problem moving forward.

“We didn’t keep our emotions in check. Coming into this game, we knew they’d want to get into our heads any way they could, but we didn’t remain level headed. Our team, coaches and players both, should have kept composure, but we didn’t,” explains McMath.

With this loss, the Pioneers are on a three game losing streak. McMath doesn’t think the past two losses were weighing on the team, but instead thinks a lack of preparation is to blame for the losses.

“It’s nothing on the mental side of the game, but a lack of follow through among our team. We’ll have four out of five guys on the same page and the one that isn’t is a detriment. It happens with the coaches as well, and I know as head coach it’s my responsibility to resolve that issue,” says McMath.

McMath thinks another issue is that the team has lost sight of their motto, E.P.I.C., which stands for “every play is crucial.”

“It all starts with the small things and we need to do all of those better. We need to work on our free throws and remember that every play is crucial. We’re taking plays off and it is hurting our team severely,” exclaims McMath.

Despite the short losing streak, McMath’s confidence in his team is unwavered.

“Our goal as a team was never to be undefeated. We always wanted to be able to play our best basketball in January and as we got ready for the playoffs. We are a championship team and all championship teams face adversity like this. We aren’t worried, and we’ll continue to play the game the best way we can, have fun and get back to winning,” states McMath.

After this game, the Pioneers hold an overall record of 10-3 and a conference record of 2-3. The Pioneers look to bounce back in their next game against St. Clair County Community College. Visit for the most recent men’s basketball scores and standings.
Men's Basketball Jan. 17, 2018

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