Midland City Forest offers full winter experience

By Joseph Thornton, reporter.

MIDLAND – Winter is a season that invokes various emotions in Michigan. Some people love it, some people hate it, but it’s impossible to avoid it. Luckily, the Midland City Forest offers activities for both those who love winter and those who are simply trying to make the best of a snowy situation.

The Midland City Forest has a plethora of winter activities with sledding hills, skiing slopes and ice skating. The park is open on weekends and during the nighttime with illumination surrounding all of their attractions. What makes this park so unique, though, is their toboggan runs, one of only two that operate in the state of Michigan.

Midland native Sebastian Wood says he has been coming to the Midland City Forest as long as he can remember and has fond memories of his time spent there.

“It’s truly a winter wonderland for anyone who chooses to come out. I remember going on the sled hills when I was younger, and that was a blast. I usually come here when my family visits from Tennessee, and we always have a great time together,” says Wood.

The park is able to make their own snow as long as the temperature is below 20 degrees and pack the extraordinary toboggan runs by hand. The two toboggan runs are each nearly a 10th of a mile and face opposite directions, making it easy to ride toboggans in a circuit. The park’s chalet offers concessions and cozy refuge from the outdoors, or you can find warmth around the fire pit that is always ablaze.

The Midland City Forest is the largest park in the city of Midland with over 520 acres in its name and is open to the public for free. Rentals for equipment are available at varying prices including sleds, ice skates, snowshoes, and more. Any information pertaining to cost or hours of business can be found at www.cityofmidland.gov


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