New policy stresses intolerable romances between teacher and student

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

UNIVERSITY CENTER – The Delta College Senate has recently approved an update in a previous board policy regarding amorous relationships between students and their professors.

This policy prohibits any Delta professor from teaching any person of current or past romantic involvement, regardless of student’s age or consent. The update is intended to specifically outline the punishment of a professor or other faculty member being involved in a relationship with anyone whom they are in an authoritative position over.

The Collegiate reached out to Senate president Justin Bamberger for an interview concerning the policy but failed to respond before publication.

Deta student Paige Lupcke perceives the policy updates to be a step in the right direction and stresses the importance of a definitive line between teacher and student.

“You can be friends with a professor, but it shouldn’t turn into a romantic relationship. Being friends with your professor is one thing, but it should never cross into the territory of anything more than a friendship,” says Lupcke.

English professor Crystal Starkey sees the policy as more than fair and expects other professors to understand their position and why these relationships are not tolerated.

“Teachers are in a position of power over their students, and a relationship between the two can lead to exploitation or a number of different negative situations. These relationships create a very vulnerable party on one end, and it just isn’t right to pursue them,” says Starkey.

Starkey says that the line between teacher and student should be one that is drawn very deep in the dirt and disallows any misinterpretation.

“I have only given a student my phone number under extreme circumstances that directly affected their performance in my class. I advise others to keep everything on the record in Delta email and don’t put yourself in a situation where you could possibly lose your job,” says Starkey.

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