Penny Pincher: Five ways to have a cheap Valentine’s Day

By Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief.

1. Romantic dinner at home

Eating out has become a social norm in our society. Gone are the days of specifically romantic, candle-lit dinners at home. Grab some candles, save some money and spend a beautiful evening with the one you love.  


2. Make the gifts

Use a tactic from your childhood and make your significant other a gift they’ll never forget. Don’t overthink the simplicities, like photo albums and collages – the simplest things can create the biggest smiles. Double points if you spend the night creating something memorable together.


3. Complete their to-do list

Short on cash this V-Day? Do something kind instead of shop. Check off some items you know your other half has been meaning to do, finish a chore they hate or make them breakfast in bed. Releasing stress from their day-to-day life is better than any gift!


4. Bring back the mixtape

With new music being produced every day, turn to the internet to show your better half how much they mean to you. Whether you bring back the mixtape or create it on Spotify, music is a language of love, and the sentiment is more powerful than any money you would have spent.


5. Embrace a movie night

Grab a movie, grab some blankets and spend the night cuddling your favorite person. Video rental stores still exist today – run out and spend a dollar on a great evening with your significant other.

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