Pressure builds for Lady Pioneers

Women's Basketball - Jan. 24
By Joe Thornton, reporter.

UNIVERSITY CENTER – After a hard-fought game by the Lady Pioneers against St. Clair Community College, the girls in evergreen fell short by six points and lost. The final score 63-69 loomed over the heads of the Delta players like a dark cloud as they walked into the locker room.

This loss is a continuation of the struggles we have seen all season from the Delta College women’s basketball team with new head coach Shonda Long. After this game, the Lady Pioneers find themselves in a hole with their ninth loss of the season. The team has been unable to find consistency on the offensive side of the ball, with a field goal percentage of only 33.7 percent. On the defensive side, difficulties persist in the paint with boxing out. These struggles on both sides of the ball have led to another loss in the standings, and tension is rising for the Lady Pioneers

Although things seem bleak from the outside looking in, the Lady Pioneers have a long season ahead of them. With 13 games in the books, there are another 10 games on the forefront. If the Lady Pioneers are able to get it together, they can substantially improve their overall record and make a late season push.

The key to success for this team starts with sophomores Harmany Williams and Rylee Pankow stepping up as leaders and giving this team the spark that they need. It is essential that this team is able to come together and work as a unit throughout the final stretch. There has to be an emphasis that resonates within these players that there are two halves in a game, both of which must be played with full energy.

Fragments of this team’s potential and determination have been shown in their recent wins against Oakland and Mott. The Lady Pioneers were able to harness that energy, winning their most recent games against Alpena and Wayne. After these wins their record sits at 6-10 and hope to continue this winning streak in their next game at Oakland, seeking revenge after losing to them earlier this season.

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