Renovations on the way for Delta College main campus

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

As Delta College continues to keep its campus updated with modern technology, a new series of renovations are on the way. These renovations are in accordance to the Delta College master construction plan that was completed in 2003 but most recently updated in 2017. The master plan serves as an outline for future enhancements to the campus. With the approval of the recent updates, there could be large improvements to the main campus in the near future.

One of the largest interior modifications involved in the plan is the use of energy submeters. Energy submetering would involve dividing the campus into sections and would allow more effective analyzation of energy usage.

Director of Facilities Management Larry Ramseyer believes that this technology is a step in the right direction and would benefit us greatly in the long run.

“At Delta College we currently only have one master meter. If we had multiple submeters, we could monitor different sectors of the building and become more efficient in terms of both cost and energy,” says Ramseyer.

Upon the approved elements of the master plan are additional parking, improvements to outdoor athletic facilities and a nature trail. These projects won’t happen all at once, but according to Ramseyer the first phase will be a large one.

“Phase one of the projects includes creation of a new baseball field, improvements to the outdoor soccer field and renovations to the softball field. For these projects we hope to begin the construction process as early as spring 2018,” states Ramseyer.

The master plan was constructed with goals to create a memorable campus environment, improve ease of travel on campus and create opportunities for health and wellness.

Ramseyer warns that although the projects have been approved, it is a long process until they are actually complete.

“We’re currently working with schematic companies to get final drawings and designs. After that we can begin to get estimates from contractors and then those contractors can begin the construction,” says Ramseyer.

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