Scott Baker Band premieres first album, ‘Community Aspire’

By Brynna Henika, reporter.

ESSEXVILLE, MI – Musician Scott Baker teams up with local artists to put together his most recent album, “Community Aspire.”

Baker has been singing and playing music since 1999, and has collaborated over the years with many artists, such as Larry McCray, Adam Levy, Shar Molina and Brandon Calhoon. In 2005, Baker released his first solo record.

“Community Aspire,” which had its initial release in December of 2016, is the first album that Baker has released that isn’t a jam record. According to Baker, he considers the album more of an Americana-style sound, but dabbled into a variety of styles while creating this record.

“This is the first album of my solo albums where I didn’t write it; the only interest I had was female vocals on this record,” says Baker.

Baker says that this album was his first release that was based on female-vocal inspiration, and where he wanted to have a female singing with him live. The record also gives Baker the motivation to write music and never wanting to stop.

“When I have a band, I usually write with the band’s best interest in mind,” says Baker.

The Scott Baker Band, with their current members, have been creating music since June 2016. Currently, the creators of the band’s sound are members Scott Baker (guitar and vocals), Timmy Scott (drums), Bianca Henika (keyboard and vocals), and Matt de Heus (bass.)

“Music is very important at a local level as it is a national level,” says Baker.

For Baker, “Community Aspire” is only the beginning for the Scott Baker Band, with upcoming tour dates at Cadieux Cafe in Detroit on Apr. 29, and Governor’s Quarters in Bay City on May 5.

Baker adds that he foresees the band’s creation of a second album later this year.

“Community Aspire” is currently available for purchase at

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