Aubrie Smith

Aubrie is the co-editor-in-chief, born and raised in Bay City. She is in her final year at Delta, soon transferring to Michigan State University for pre-law. In her free time, she likes to binge-watch “Friends” and consume her body weight in iced coffee.

Jessica Sierocki

Jessica Sierocki is the co-editor-in-chief of the Collegiate and is from Saginaw. She is in her final year at Delta and plans to transfer to Northwood University to pursue a degree in hospitality management. Jessica loves photography, going to concerts, travel to new places and spending time with friends.


Jack Rechsteiner
Managing Editor

Jack Rechsteiner is the managing editor of the Collegiate and a native of the Tri-Cities. He is in his final year at Delta. After a quarter-life-crisis, he is now pursuing a degree in linguistics. Jack describes himself as a “writer, adventurer and renaissance man.” Most other people say, “He’s pretty alright, I guess.”

Adam Przeslak
Sports Editor

Adam Przeslak is the Collegiate sports editor from Bay City. This is Adam’s second year working on the Collegiate. Adam earned his Associate in Arts and plans to attend Saginaw Valley State University once he leaves Delta. He enjoys watching sports, playing video games and discussing politics in his free time.


Kellen MacGregor
Copy Editor

Kellen MacGregor is the paper’s copy and page editor originally from Linwood. Kellen is in his second year of undergraduate studies working toward a degree majoring in linguistics and minoring in English. He eventually plans to transfer to Wayne State to complete his bachelor’s degree. In his spare time, Kellen enjoys watching films, trying dairy-free milks, learning foreign languages, reading about architecture, traveling, astral projecting and listening to ambient music.

Cody Wiedenbein

Page Designer

Cody Wiedenbein is a page designer for the Collegiate originally from Midland and now currently taking up residency in the lower vents of the Sanford lake dam. He does not age nor speak, and may actually be a vampire. Current hobbies include board games and video games, throwing rocks at the dumpster behind the local Taco Bell, and studying design in his spare time. He also collects dice and does photography sometimes and that’s pretty ok.

Joe Thornton


Joe Thornton is a reporter for the Collegiate from Saginaw. He is working toward a bachelor’s degree in economics and plans to transfer to the University of Michigan. His hobbies include watching sports, hanging out with friends, and reading about finance.

Michael Piwowarski


Michael Piwowarski is a staff photojournalist from Hemlock. He is in his third year at Delta and is majoring in electronic media. His current career goal is to work in radio, TV or anything that has to do with video or audio editing. His hobbies and interests include bike riding, drawing, writing and collecting classic rock records.

Tylla Hahn


Tylla Hahn is a staff photographer from Hemlock. She is a graduate from Hemlock High School and this is her first year at Delta. She is working toward a bachelor’s degree in art and design. She is a self-proclaimed dog lover, claiming her dog is “like a child.” She also owns her own small photography business.

Kevin Lazzaro


Kevin Lazzaro is a videographer for the Collegiate. He is finishing off his electronic media degree in the summer. He currently owns a local photography and advertising studio and is an aspiring film director. Watching movies and consuming way too much cookie butter are his two favorite past times.