Aubrie Smith

Aubrie, Co-Editor-in-Chief, is 21 years old, was born, raised and is living in Bay City. She is in her final year at Delta, soon transferring to Michigan State University for pre-law. In her free time, she likes to binge-watch “Friends” and consume her body weight in iced coffee.

Jessica Sierocki

Jessica Sierocki, Co-Editor-in-Chief, is 21 years and is from Saginaw. They are in their final year at Delta and plans on transferring to Northwood University to pursue a degree in hospitality management to be an event coordinator. Jessica loves to photograph anything she sees as well as spend time with her friends and travel to new places.


Jack Rechsteiner
Managing Editor

Jack Rechsteiner, managing editor, is 22 years old and a native of the Tri-Cities. He is in his final year at Delta after deciding to sell his start-up coffee shop to pursue a degree in linguistics. Jack describes himself as a “writer, adventurer, andrenaissance man.” Most other people say “He’s pretty alright, I guess.”

Adam Przeslak
Sports Editor

Adam Przeslak, sports editor, is 20 years old and is from Bay City. He is in his final semester at Delta and is working toward an associates of arts. Adam enjoys watching sports, playing video games, and discussing politics in his free time. This is Adam’s second year with the Collegiate.


Kellen MacGregor
Copy Editor

Kellen MacGregor, page and copy editor, is 19 years old and is from Linwood. Kellen is in his second year of undergraduate studies, is working toward a degree majoring in urban planning and minoring in sociology, and eventually plans to transfer to the University of Michigan to complete his bachelor’s. In his spare time, Kellen enjoys watching films, trying dairy-free milks, learning foreign languages, reading about architecture, traveling, astral projecting, and listening to jazz.