Taste of Soul brings community together

by Brandi Miller, staff reporter.
Taste of Culture
SAGINAW– The community of Saginaw came together on Friday, Feb. 24 to enjoy food, entertainment and to celebrate Black History Month at the annual event, Taste of Soul. This event has been celebrated at the First Ward Community Center for 22 years.

Taste of Soul is a luncheon full of entertainment, vendors, and food. The event allows community members to donate or buy a lunch ticket, providing them all the soul food they could possibly eat. The menu included Bar-B-Q ribs, wing-dings, candied yams, okra, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, black-eyed peas and rice, potato salad, sweet potato pies, homemade cakes, peach cobbler, banana pudding, and hot-water cornbread, and fried catfish.

Michelle Mcgregor, Saginaw resident, is the woman who puts everything together.

“[The event] Started back when we had a lot of entrepreneurs that cooked in restaurants that came and cooked here (First Ward Community Center) and we brought the whole community together to celebrate community and fellowship over good food,” says Mcgregor.

The entertainment was the First Ward theater group, whose performance touched on the search for freedom of slaves. Part of the donations held at the entrance went to the theater group and youth development. The room was lined with vendors such as Mary Kay, homemade items, oils, jewelry and a masseuse.

One of the community members who has been coming to this event for eight years, Grecian Tatum, from saginaw says, “I like the diversity and open mindedness. It’s nice to see people try soul for who have never tried it, experience a different culture.”

This annual event is bringing the community together. “It grows every year, we have new faces that come and people that come every year, for 22 years,” says Mcgregor. An estimated 300 people attended this year.

Dereneice Williams, from Saginaw is a community member who has been attending for three years. “I like interacting with the people and the all around perspective of the event,” says Williams.

This event brought all ages and cultures together under one roof. People were able to bond while celebrating Black History Month.

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