The Eagles keep Tom’s left hand barren

By Joe Thornton, reporter.

Millions of viewers worldwide tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles going up against the New England Patriots. In a game that featured the underdogs going against the dynasty, the Eagles were able to fly high to a victory, making them world champions.

This Super Bowl was one that you’ll regret missing if you did. While many expected a defensive beatdown, the game turned into an offensive shootout amassing 1,152 yards of total offense, the most in any postseason game in NFL history.

The story of this game came from backup quarterback Nick Foles, who had to fill the shoes of MVP candidate Carson Wentz after a season-ending injury in week 14 against the Rams. Many analysts and fans alike wondered if he would be able to hold up under the spotlight, but Foles  did much more than just hold up.

Foles threw for 373 yards with three touchdowns and one interception with a 106 passer rating. He performed as if he’d been doing this all his career, playing in Super Bowls one after another. It’s hard to believe this was his first, as he came out like it was just another game and unphased by all the noise throughout the week.

The story of the backup Foles’s performance was only one of many subplots within the game. Through four quarters, Eagles’ receiver Alshon Jeffery had to battle against his college roommate Stephon Gilmore at cornerback, LeGarrette Blount got his vengeance against his former team and Doug Pederson put on one of the gutsiest head coaching performances of all time in only his second year.

Despite the Patriots’ loss, nobody can discredit Tom Brady’s tenacious performance in this game. Many will look back and say it was his fault the Pats lost due to his fumble late in the fourth quarter, but he did everything he could to keep the Patriots alive in this contest. Brady amassed 505 passing yards, the most in Super Bowl history, in his pursuit to capture his sixth ring. He went 28/48 passing with no interceptions and left everyone on the edge of their seats until the very end of the game.

Undoubtedly the most captivating play of the game was the touchdown catch by Nick Foles. Yes, you read that correctly. Some trickery and deceit from Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson led to a touchdown pass from tight end Trey Burton, who played quarterback in college, to the Eagles interim quarterback Foles. On fourth down with one yard separating the Eagles from the endzone, Foles hauled in the pass with ease for six points. With less than a minute in the half, this play gave the Eagles a 22-12 lead heading into the second half.

Regardless, congratulations to the Eagles for knocking the Patriots off their ivory tower and bringing them back to reality. Now, all NFL fans are forced to deal with the long offseason, with no hint of football until the NFL draft starting on Apr. 26.

With a long offseason of speculation awaiting, this game brings about many questions.

What is next for the Patriots? Is this the end of an era? What is Tom Brady going to do? What about Belichick?

The Patriots are losing both their offensive and defensive coordinators to head coaching jobs. With Josh McDaniels leaving for the Colts and Matt Patricia likely coming to the Lions, the Pats will have a blank slate starting the next season. Many are hoping this defeat will be enough to put an end to Tom Brady and Belichick’s reign, but don’t count them out just yet. The Patriots will head into the 2018-2019 season with goals of redemption and with a lot to prove.

For the Eagles going forward, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen going forward. They were able to put on a dominant performance in the Super Bowl and go into the next season with arguably the best offensive lines and defensive lines in the NFL, all with Nick Foles under center. Will they be even more dominant when the young star Carson Wentz returns from his injury?  

All these questions will be answered in about a year’s time, but for now NFL fans must find a way to cope with a substantial football drought. Here’s to hoping next season will be just as exciting and surprising as this one.

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