Tomi Lahren is burned by TheBlaze amid abortion comments

By Adam Przeslak, staff reporter.

Conservative news organization TheBlaze promptly fired rising social media star and political commentator Tomi Lahren in March after comments she made regarding her pro-choice view on abortion.

Lahren had made a name for herself on the One America News Network, also fairly conservative, before hosting her own show on Glenn Beck’s news company TheBlaze in November of 2015. Her popularity continued to grow and her social media presence followed suit. Her three-minute-long video segments labeled ‘Final Thoughts’ were what brought her political rants and raves to the spotlight of both conservatives and liberals.

Eventually, Lahren reached 4.2 million likes on Facebook and 689,000 Twitter followers. Her videos average about 5 million views across social media.

With popularity came the opportunity for guest appearances on liberal, conservative and politically neutral talk shows. This included a trip to the women’s daytime talk show The View, where Lahren was brought on to discuss political hot topics.

While discussing abortion, Lahren, an extremely right-wing conservative, took a liberal stance and voiced that she is pro-choice. Even somewhat-liberal Republicans don’t fully support pro-choice – they often come up with a halfway point between pro-choice and pro-life. Sonny Hostin, a host of The View, brought up that 68% of Republicans believe abortion should be illegal across the board.

Yet here is the golden child of modern day conservatism, expressing her pro-choice views:

“I am someone that loves the Constitution. I am someone that is for limited government, so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think that the government should not decide what women do with their bodies,” Lahren said.

Almost immediately TheBlaze, a stronghold for conservative news, distanced itself from Lahren by suspending her and later firing her.

I have never been a right-wing conservative nor ever found myself watching a Tomi Lahren video and agreeing with her. Actually, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos of liberal media organizations, such as The Young Turks, systematically dismantling Lahren’s opinions. However, the journalist inside me cannot sit here and agree with what Glenn Beck and TheBlaze dished out to the 24-year-old conservative from South Dakota.

While I do understand that TheBlaze is a private news organization built on the foundations of giving the news with a conservative opinion and tone, does this mean that any of its workers cannot express views contrary to Beck’s or mainstream Republicans’? It certainly doesn’t do the company justice in the view of the public, that’s for sure. Apparently, it seems like if a news anchor or commentator breaks from Beck’s script, they’re immediately suspended or fired.

This makes me rethink the whole idea of fake news. Both liberal and conservative news organizations have been stretching the truth and giving alternative facts for a while, but never has it ever been so apparent that the personalities behind the desk are required to stick to the agenda.

I occasionally get around to watching Fox News and get the impression that some of it has a transparent political agenda. Compared to TheBlaze right now, though, Fox News seems neutral. What happened with Lahren is honestly a horrible occurrence in journalism. A journalist was fired for speaking her mind on another channel, not the one which she works for, because she went against one of the main ideas that her organization stands for.

While doing that, she also pointed out the hypocrisy in conservative ideals concerning abortion. Here are my final thoughts: Tomi, good for you for speaking your mind. I’m not going to lie, however; I found you quite annoying and loathed seeing you on my newsfeed. But kudos to you for actually standing up and telling it how it is, at least in your mind despite what your bosses might have had to say. Oh, and to TheBlaze and Glenn Beck, I say: Way to go, you made the neutral and liberal crowds look down on conservative news organizations even more.

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