Trump slept with a pornstar – who cares?

By Carter Houtman, reporter.

If you don’t know, Stormy Daniels is a pornstar who claims that she slept with President Trump before he became president and was paid $120,000 to be quiet about it before the 2016 election. What I don’t understand, however, is why everyone seems to care so much about whether or not Trump slept with a pornstar years ago on his own time with his own money while he was married.

Look at John F. Kennedy, for example. He had affair upon affair with women in the White House; he had women literally brought to him in the middle of the day for skinny dipping in the White House pool while his wife and children were upstairs, he had women brought through the Treasury tunnel into the White House, so the press wouldn’t get a whiff of the immorality occurring in the Oval Office.

JFK even had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. All of this took place on taxpayer time, with taxpayer money and no one bats an eye. People even think that he was one of the best presidents of all time, but was he really?

Then, we can look at Bill Clinton. He was known for being inappropriate with women who worked for him. A number of women, like Juanita Broaddrick, even went so far as to accuse him of rape. This all also happened on the taxpayer’s dollar, while Clinton was in office. No one really cares about that either. Congress did more in that situation than they did with Kennedy, but even that doesn’t pale in comparison to the amount of airtime this situation with Stormy Daniels is getting.

Trump is immoral. He’s brash, he tweets a lot, says some pretty politically incorrect things and offends lots of people. He’s oafish and tends to make people dislike him before they like him. But we’ve had plenty of presidents before him who have been far worse in the same categories and have gotten away with it without so much as a blemish in their biographies that sold millions.

I don’t care what he does on his own time. I don’t care what happens behind the scenes with his marriage or with his family. I don’t care who he sleeps with and I don’t care if he paid her to be quiet or not. Plenty of presidents have had affairs, and a lot of them had them when they were in office rather than years before they even considered running for office. I really don’t care and I don’t think you should either.

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