Trump’s Corner

By Jessica Sierocki, co-editor-in-chief

Trump’s Corner: Where we highlight the events of our president’s favorite pastime: tweeting.

Why is the president of our nation tweeting constantly? Who knows. But what he tweets can be very interesting to say the least. Here are some highlight tweets that I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that have stood out to me:

On Oct. 30, President Trump tweeted about Paul Manafort, who was indicted along with campaign official Rick Gates. Both are facing 12 charges including conspiracy against the United States. Yes, Trump was correct when stating that their involvement was before they joined the Trump campaign, but it makes you wonder about the type of people Trump surrounds himself with, does it not? Also, let’s not forget that there is NO COLLUSION.

Yet again, Trump is deflecting his problems onto the Democrats. I would like to point out that maybe Hillary Clinton is not the center of investigation right now because she is not the president. Maybe it is a little more pressing to look into Trump’s alleged background with Russia to see if there is any collusion happening. But I mean, his tweet says there is not, so it must be true, right?

This. Is. Hilarious. Whoever this employee is, hats off to you! Instead of being upset, Trump should have been thankful. At the very least, he should question why someone would want to take down his Twitter account. Maybe he should not be tweeting as much as he does, or does that sound too logical? The only regret of this entire situation is that it did not last longer than 11 minutes, but it was nice while it lasted.

Here we get into the sensitive issues. Two attacks have occurred in the United States within two weeks. Both attacks are equally awful and should have never happened in the first place. What I found interesting was how Trump approached each of these attacks on his Twitter account.

Trump tweeted as least three comments about the attack in New York City referring to the man as a terrorist and claiming that he should be getting the death penalty. Compare this to the tweet he made about the shooting in Texas, about which he only tweeted once and decided not to mention the shooter at all.

Yes, he is giving his condolences to the citizens who lost their lives as well as their families, but why did he not mention the shooter repeatedly like he mentioned the attacker from New York? Why is he not demanding reform like he did after the New York attack?

I have to wonder, with past experiences being an indicator, if it has anything to do with something other than the unspeakable acts that were committed? The gunman killed more people in the Texas attack, so why is Trump not acknowledging that it too was a terrorist attack and that there needs to be reform following the attack?

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