Trump’s Corner

By: Jessica Sierocki, co-editor-in-chief

Trump’s Corner: Where we highlight the events of our president’s favorite pastime: tweeting.

Why is the president of our nation tweeting constantly? Who knows, but what he tweets can be very interesting, to say the least. Here are some highlight tweets that I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that have stood out to me:

Dear Mr. President, the majority of, if not all, schools are gun-free zones in America right now. I understand the statement of gun-free zones inviting violence and danger to school campuses, but they have been deemed gun-free zones to, well, keep guns off the campus. The posted signs have obviously not been a big enough deterrent to keep crazies from shooting up schools, but that doesn’t mean we should start posting people with military-grade weapons in front of every school in America because that, indeed, will resemble a prison.

Students in America already have a hard enough time finding enjoyment in our bogus system of the importance of standardized tests being the be-all-end-all of education. Putting them under prison-like conditions will not benefit anyone.


According to the New York Times, the House Intelligence Committee Republicans found that in their investigation of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, there was no collusion with Russia. So, the Republicans conducted an investigation on a Republican president, and Trump seems ecstatic that they didn’t find anything. Shocker. Do I believe there was no collusion? Umm… unless we want to get into a seriously heated discussion, no comment.

Oh my gosh, mark your calendars, folks, because this is the day that I say that I actually appreciate a tweet that Donald has sent into the Twittersphere. Yes, there needs to be reform on the government’s behalf. But, (there always is one when it comes to Trump, isn’t there?) I would like to know exactly what this plan is and how exactly it will benefit the safety of students nationwide, especially when a lot of Republicans are calling for putting armed guards in public schools. If you want to know my opinion about that, please revisit my opinion about the first tweet above.

The Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapsed Thursday, March 15 and claimed the lives of at least six victims. It was a nice gesture for Trump to make a public statement about this tragedy as he and past presidents tend to do.

However, as per usual, I have a slight issue with this statement. “Praying this evening for all who are affected.” Yes, I’m religious and very proud of my faith, but even I know that prayers can only get people so far. Real action needs to be taken, which is why I give props to Trump for thanking the first responders who aided in the collapse. They were there and they did something. I’m looking forward to seeing if Trump will be making an appearance in Florida for this event. Not holding my breath, though.

I’m not even going to acknowledge Andrew McCabe because all I saw in this tweet was what I’m sure will be the next new hashtag to grace Trump’s Twitter: Fake Memos. Oh my gosh, just when will the “fake” everything end?

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