Trump’s Corner – Feb. 20, 2018

By Jessica Sierocki, co-editor-in-chief.

Trump’s Corner: Where we highlight the events of our president’s favorite pastime: tweeting.

Why is the president of our nation tweeting constantly? Who knows, but what he tweets can be very interesting, to say the least. Here are some highlight tweets that I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that have stood out to me:

President Trump was a little less than pleased that he hasn’t seen the media publish an article about his increased approval rating. The Rasmussen Reports has a poll that measures voters’ approval of Trump’s job performance. Good news: He didn’t lie. His approval rating is currently at 49 percent. The interesting aspect of this tweet is the fact that Trump can’t be satisfied enough with his approval ratings increasing (which, honestly, I don’t understand how they can go up, but that’s just me.) He’s being salty that there’s no news article being written about his success. What? He discredits the media at least 10 times a day and the one time there isn’t a story for him to disapprove of he gets upset? That’s not how it works, sir. Does that sound childish to anyone else, or is it just me?

Maybe people are still talking about “Russia, Russia, Russia” because there’s a reason to. And you being president is not the sole reason that jobs are on the rise, Mr. Trump. I’d also like to see what information is backing up your “rising wages,” because your tweet quite conveniently neglects to mention who’s reaping the benefits of higher wages.

So, I’m a little confused on this little number. Trump complaining about the “old days” and how news and the stock market are correlated has got me wanting the answer to one question: Why exactly are you blaming the news for the stock market? I understand that Trump is a businessperson first (not sure if he could be classified as a good businessperson, but I digress), so it makes sense that he’s invested in the stock market, because I’m sure he’s got a butt-load of money circulating through the system. But come on, the news cannot be blamed for every single thing that happens in this country. Do I need to repeat that for the people in the back?

In this tweet, Trump is referring to the bill that was recently passed to increase military spending. I have friends and family members in the military, and I want them to have everything that they need, so the bill is not the reason that this tweet is bothersome to me. Trump really can’t get along with the Democratic Party to even appreciate the role they played in getting this bill passed. Why is it that our government has to be so divided that it’s no longer enough to put the interests of American citizens first? Is being involved in politics nothing but a contest of who can get the most votes? Is that really what it’s come to? From this tweet, it seems like that mentality isn’t too far off from the truth, and frankly, it’s quite disappointing.


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