Understanding your partner’s fetish

By: Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief

You meet an attractive human, you get to know them, fall into a blissful honeymoon stage, form an intense intimate connection and begin a relationship. Months down the road, things begin to fizzle faster than expected. Sure, you had to get out of the perfect phase sooner or later, right? But surely this diminished too quickly. That’s when you learn that your partner has a foot fetish, and their attempt to conceal it has flattened your sex life. What do you do? You’re emotionally compatible, you’re obsessed with the passion between the two of you and you feel that “once in a lifetime” connection. You’re posed with two options: break up or break into the life of fetishes.

Kind, innocent soul, use this time to come out of your shell a bit – educate yourself. Use your internet abilities to understand the fetish, the boundaries and other possible outlets that may come with it.

Set your own boundaries. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to learn and invest in their interests, knowing that they don’t match your own. If you communicate your boundaries with them early on, but let them know you’re willing to compromise and learn.

Don’t shut them out before you try. Fetishes are a lot more common than people assume. According to a survey done by the Bustle, 75 percent of people have some sort of fetish, with the most common being BDSM, or some form of it.

Inform yourself and open up to the possibility of sex in a different light than you’re used to. The worst case is that you’re not into it and things don’t work out – but at least you tried.


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