Wish clothes, for better or worse

By: Aubrie Smith, co-editor-in-chief

The wish.com ads are compelling, I will give them that. One day, while twiddling my thumbs between commitments, I stumbled across wish reviews on YouTube. For $5 clothes, almost all of the reviewers seemed pleasantly surprised. I was compelled, especially as a thicker woman.

One noticeable thing the YouTubers had in common was their small build. I wondered if Wish would cater to my 12-to-14-sized body, so I set out on a journey.

The purchases:

One-size-fits-all bralette ($1)

One-size-fits-all is always a tricky one for plus-size girls. It’s impossible that the same article of clothing that fits an XS is going to fit an XXL. It makes no logical sense, but still we have these items that call themselves “One size fits all.” So, I bought it.

Verdict: One size that only fits my ten-year-old niece.

To be fair, I watched one of the YouTubers buy this item and it fit perfectly – she actually loved it, but alas, my size-14 body was not squeezing into that. Sad day. The material actually felt like it would be supportive and comfortable, but it also seemed that it would be an absolute disaster for someone with any bust at all. Even if I could have fit my body into it, it would have been too see-through to serve a point after the stretch. This was a fail.

Casual Skinny Jeggings ($10) size: XXL

I followed the sizing guidelines here because I knew things were going to get questionable. I usually wear size-14 jeans, a size large shirt. Wow, I’m really throwing it all out there, aren’t I?

According to the size guide on Wish, I should have ordered an XL in these pants. However, I decided to go one size up, “just in case.”

Verdict: My first comment about these pants was: “Wow, they feel like a washcloth.” The material of these pants is something that I have never experienced in clothing. It was honestly concerning.

Nonetheless, I headed to my room to put them on because I was still excited about $10 jeggings. Upon entering my room and unfolding the pants, I quickly realized that there was no way my body was getting into them, but I tried anyway. These pants, one size bigger than the website suggested I order, would not even go past my calves. I tried extremely hard, but there is no way to suck in your calf muscle, it’s just not a thing. This item was my second fail, and I started to get discouraged. Alas, I will run around making making friends feel them and their weird texture before using them for their only logical purpose as a washcloth.

Beige suede ankle booties ($17) size:9

I was particularly excited about this purchase. I mean, how can you mess up shoes, right? Sizing is pretty standard, and unless they’re uncomfortable, the fit doesn’t change much between foot models. I was looking for some cute boot heels to add to my collection, and since I’m a female who hates shoe shopping, I was excited to have an excuse to order them online in a lazy fashion.

The verdict: These boots were the only thing that made this cart worth it.

These boots were actually super cute. They shocked me, and I quite literally did a happy dance after I opened them. The material is not the best quality, and the zipper on the right boot sticks every time you attempt to zip it, but compared to the rest of the outfit, these brought me an abundance of joy. I even wore them in public. Joyus day!

Sequined loose t-shirt ($4) size:XL

In a weird phenomenon, this shirt looked absolutely awful on the Wish model they hired for advertisement and amazing on a customer in a review posted to the site, so I decided to try it. Again, I checked the sizing chart to make sure I didn’t swindle myself. It told me to order an XL, and since that was the largest option, that is exactly what I did.

This purchase had a lot more reviews than some of the items that I had already added to my cart, and these seemed generally more positive, and that was exciting. However, the look on the model still was not super cute and had me worried that I didn’t really know what I was ordering.

The verdict: I bought a disco ball.

This shiny shirt was a thing of my childhood dreams. I put it on and was automatically inducted into to a 10-year-old dance group. I’m looking forward to our upcoming recital, I’ll shoot you all an invite. This shirt was undowdibly the worst purchase of the bunch. The material was wrinkled and itchy, the sequins were not sewed on completely causing some to fall off and others to jingle as you walk and the shape was more flattering than if I walked around in a straight leotard. Wearing this made me sad.


Cost of clothes: $32

Cost of purchase with shipping and tax: $51

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